Week Six: The Future Starts Now

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Thanks everyone for your attention, dedication and hard work. The future start now – and change is always possible. Both in your mindfulness practice, and in making something new happen around ADHD, pause and choose a manageable first step. Set a plan, create reminders – and periodically reassess, readjust, and keep moving forward.

Home Practices:

Click here to download the week six handout.

You can also use this downloadable form to make a plan for yourself.

  • Focus on awareness, not on focus, in everyday life
  • Focus on compassion when encountering judgment
  • Use in-the-moment practices – set reminders or use smart phone apps
  • Continue your daily practice – schedule it!
  • Continue to methodically work through each challenge raised by ADHD, giving yourself credit for taking steps, giving yourself credit for trying whatever doesn’t work, but continually reassessing and moving forward.
Guided Practices

Body Scan-25 Minutes

Body Scan – 15 Minutes

Breathing Meditation – 15 Minutes

Body Scan for Kids – 10 Minutes

Loving Kindness Meditation – 17 Minutes

Piano Chords

Other resources for continuing your practice:

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ADHD Resources