Week Two:  Paying Attention to Stress

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The very process of letting go of a distraction implies in some way not freaking out over it, not being angry about it, not getting involved with it, not identifying with it. You may not consciously say to yourself, “Oh, look, this moment is changing,” but you can’t let go of the distraction unless you are actually seeing that. You would be trying to push it away from anger rather than actually letting go. So through practice (in letting go of distraction), you actually bring forth a level of wisdom.
– Sharon Salzberg (adapted)

Home practices:

Click here to download the weekly handout “Paying Attention to Challenging Experiences”.

  • Pay attention to a challenging activity fully, once daily
  • Pay attention to how you react and feel under stress​
  • Notice your ‘inner critic’
  • S.T.O.P. practice several times a day (Stop what you’re doing; Take a few breaths; Observe; Pick how to Proceed)
  • Daily body scan practice

Guided Practices Week Two:

Body Scan 25 Minutes

Body Scan-15 Minutes