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Useful Apps

  • Moment App– Provides a daily summary of how much time has been spent on a device. (iPhone only)
  • Quality Time – Monitors usage and creates reports on time spent on smartphone and apps. (Android only)
  • Teensafe – Monitor and protect teenagers safety on phones and devices.
  • Circle with Disney – Filters content and provides time limits for any devices connected to the household wifi.
  • K9 Protection – Free web content filter
  • ParentKit – Time limit and content filter for iPhone
  • 30 Best Apps for ADHD – Article summarizing productivity apps and more
  • 5 Best To-Do List Managers – Article summarizing productivity apps
  • Screentime – Monitor and manage screen time, set limits, and create incentives to earn screen time
  • Moment Family – Monitor your entire family’s iPhone and iPad users from the comfort of your own phone.
  • Go Guardian – For schools to monitor classroom time
  • Freedom – Stop being distracted by your device.  Control distractions and focus on what matters.