About Dr. Bertin’s Practice

Typically completed over the course of three visits, an initial evaluation includes a detailed history along with physical and neurological examinations. These appointments explore psychological, family and educational factors that may be triggering concerns.  Developmental tests are used to observe your child’s cognitive, language, motor and academic abilities, or specific aspects of behavior, coordinated with in-office observations of development and behavior.

With a broad understanding of a child’s strengths as well as the likely causes of any difficulties, making skillful choices moving forward becomes easier for families.   The goal is to create as comprehensive picture as possible of your child’s skills and to provide practical information for parents, schools and providers.   After the evaluation you will receive a summary report, with an overview of behavioral planning, family supports, educational placement and services, medical interventions and, when needed, further testing.  The intention is to develop a supportive, sustained relationship with your family and child, providing advice, coordinating services, and guiding your child towards long term success.

From this starting point, Dr. Bertin acts as a long-term resource.  He helps monitor development, provide developmental, behavioral, educational and medical advice, and offers long term guidance in coordinating care for your child’s evolving needs.  Parenting a child who is having difficulty can be extremely stressful and overwhelming, so there is an emphasis on working together to support your entire family.  For those interested, mindfulness training is available on an individual basis.

Dr. Bertin will help you manage whatever academic planning, additional testing, and community based services are most appropriate for your child and your family.   Problems such as learning disabilities, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and autistic spectrum disorders have complex effects requiring care that integrates many different resources over time.    And of course, not every child evaluated will turn out to have a specific developmental condition.  Dr. Bertin can still help develop a plan to address your concerns or those of your child’s teachers, caretakers or therapists.