ADHD Goes To College

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It’s spring and senior year of high school is wrapping up. Many students are discovering where they are going to college. Planning for freshman year and what it means to live on their own with ADHD is probably the last thing a graduating senior wants to focus on right now. As a parent, though, worry about how your child with …

Emotional Rescue: Using Mindfulness to Reset Your Reactions

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The idea of emotional awareness can seem almost mundane. Most of us recognize the benefits of being conscious of our emotions on some level. Yet, being skillful with our emotions isn’t just about recognizing when we feel happy, angry, or sad. Awareness means noticing all of our emotions, and then making active choices about whether we need to take action …

Academic Planning for ADHD Starts Now

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Winter may just be starting, but fall academic planning is only a few months away. Remember that grades are not the bottom line for academic planning. Some students get reasonable marks even while struggling significantly with ADHD, which can affect anything related to planning and organization. This includes writing, study habits, time management and far more. A strong school plan …

Manage Stress by Listening to Your Body

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A new study in the journal Biological Psychology suggests that people with better body awareness tend to feel less stressed. That’s no surprise, perhaps, if you’ve already been practicing mindfulness, but may seem odd otherwise. Stress leads to a physiological response, such as increased heart rate or sweating. Participants who reported themselves less overwhelmed by a challenge also noticed their …

Childhood Social Difficulties: The ADHD/Autism Relationship

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One of the basic wishes most parents share is that their children get along, play, and interact well with others. Most often, these social abilities develop intuitively. But for children who instead struggle with peers, the earlier interventions start, the earlier they catch up. Since both ADHD and autism impact relationships, sorting out the ‘why’ behind social difficulties is often …

Mindful Parenting for ADHD

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Your child has ADHD. He impulsively acts out; he struggles in school; he seemingly won’t settle down for even one second after you walk in the door to let you catch your breath. A visceral hook grabs hold, and you do the same old thing you’ve always done: you yell, you retreat, you set another rule, or you bend one. …

Mindfulness: The Antidote for Perfectionism

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The concept of “mindfulness” often brings to mind images of relaxation, stillness, or acting in some idealistic, staid way. There’s an assumption that it means being always calm, serene and in control. Because of this, it is occasionally portrayed as a set up for personal failure. Life’s hard enough without aiming for being mindful all the time.Yet, that perspective misses …

Feeding Your Inner Wolves

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A boy and his grandfather are hanging out. The boy says to his grandfather, How is it you never seem to get upset? Don’t you ever feel angry? His grandfather replies, I sometimes feel there are two wolves inside me, each of whom fights to tell me what to do. Whenever something angers me, one of the wolves is full …

Mindfulness and the Average Smartphone: Technology for Calm Instead of Chaos

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The modern, technology driven world often seems to make people feel distracted and stressed. In my field, child development research bluntly shows under-monitored technology influences children for the worse. But technology is simply a tool, and how it impacts our lives depends entirely on how we use it. Continue Reading on

Mindful Eating, ADHD and Nutrition

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The words attention deficit are so strongly associated with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), many people overlook other far-reaching consequences of the disorder. Among them are poor eating habits, eating disorders, and a higher-than-average risk of becoming overweight as a result of having ADHD. For example, a recent study linked ADHD to binge eating. How these eating issues happen makes a …